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PDR Capa Habana 5×52 Robusto

Greetings Lords and Ladies of the Leaf!

‘//otan here, thanks for being patient while I worked some things out on my end of the spectrum. I’ve got plenty of reviews stockpiled (having smoked a little during my time off), and I’m digging them out just for you! So, back to the reviews we go! 

Special thanks to Kyle who picked up my slack! Thanks buddy, hope to visit with you soon!

On with the review. The PDR Capa Habana is the second Dominican puro that has been produced by the guys at Pinar del Rio. This is a brand I’ve only recently discovered, and one that I’m not really all that shy about discussing since they offer a great product and they offer it at a reasonable price point. These might be my go to cigars this summer. Sorry Pete [Johnson], these are a little more reasonable for grilling!

Here are the specifications:

Size: 5 x 52
Wrapper: Dominican Habano
Binder: Dominican Criollo ’98 and Habano seed
Filler: Dominican Corojo, Habano, and Criollo ’98
Strength: Medium
Body: Full
Flavor: Full


Alright, so here we go. Let’s talk about my favorite part of smoking … the pre-light ritual. This Capa Habana has a medium brown wrapper with a slightly reddish tint, it had a few small veins, and a light oil gloss. The cigar features a prominent pigtail cap and a closed foot. Editorial: I’m not so sure I like the closed foot, but later on in the cigar, we’ll find out that it works ok for me. I think it’s an aesthetic thing. It has two bands, both bands are blue and silver, this is one reason that it’s called the “PDR Blue Line” or “Blue Bands”. Overall, the pre light scent was leather and barn yard. A cold draw gave the palate notes of leather and a heavy dose of tobacco-ey goodness. It was like smoking an old book. Yum!

First third. ImageThe cigar burned evenly, with thick gray/white ash that stayed put. After all there is nothing like summer smoking in a pair of khakis and getting the gray streak of death on your shorts because the stupid thing dribbled on you. There was a nice subtle spiciness that undercut the tastes of leather underneath. One thing that I really found pleasing was that the spice lingered after the leather. Almost like an after thought that Abe Flores was trying to bring forth. It was a delicious mix. Let’s chat about smoke – it was thick and lingered around. Smoking outside, and I still found myself in a cloud. That taste continued to linger, coating the tounge and becoming increasingly complex as we continued into the second third. There were hints of butterscotch, and a little hint of a spiciness that was hard to place something with some real heat to it. The cigar settled into that medium/medium heavy range that I find so satisfying, including the tobacco “buzz” that accompanied it. 


This third slid in some more subtle spice notes, we transitioned from a bit of an all-spice to the bite of black pepper, all of this was underneath the overarching leather taste of the cigar. The smoke remained thick and creamy, and the ash was a little darker gray, indicating either the wet tobacco or my improper storage techniques. But, the cigar didn’t disappoint, and at about 8-9.00 a cigar, it was great in terms of flavor profile, and burn. I did have one touch up firing during this part of the cigar, but it was because I stopped to answer the phone, and forgot to give it a little puff. Either way, an enjoyable second third.




This third gave way to the butterscotch and toffee flavors, though there were hints of mineral/charcoal type flavors as well. Nothing overwhelming, or disgustingly bitter, but just enough twinge to let me know that I was smoking something that had a little body to it. Hints of cedar made their way into the cigar as the final third crept on. The smoke was cool, not burning rapidly, and I’m proud to say that I nubbed this bad boy out!



Cigar smoking is something that is so personal, and something that is so subjective. However, if you were a newbie, I would certainly recommend this cigar to you. It was balanced, with subtleties that were hard to distinguish that would excite a serious and seasoned cigar smoker, but it was also simple enough that it would make for a nice beginner cigar as well. The guys at PDR are really doing a great job at making sure their cigars taste good, and are as affordable as possible. The spiciness really hit me as something that was enjoyable, and I always like a cigar that tastes like leather and has that peppery undertone. The relighting was minimal, once or twice total, but it didn’t distract from the ambience of sitting out and smoking a good cgar. For the price, I’d recommend this one highly.





TOTAL: 27/30

These cigars may become my first box purchase. So, go to your local BM and get a few. They’re worth the price, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Wishing you smoke rings, and fine things,


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