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Vegas de Santiago 6×50 Torpedo “Cafe con Leche”

Greetings Lords and Ladies of the Leaf!

It’s ‘//otan here again and it’s been a long time since I have stepped fingers onto this blog. Obviously fall time is the busiest time of year for me, and unfortunately I didn’t have very much tucked away so that I could continue to post while I didn’t have the time to smoke.

At any rate, you certainly don’t care much about that. I’m ready to get on with a review for you. You see, a few weeks ago we got a stock of sticks from Costa Rica, the Vegas de Santiago brand. According to these cigars are special because they are grown in volcanic soil at 1100 meters (3500 feet). All labor is done manually and the techniques were inherited from the local indian tribes. The tobaccos are aged for 3 years at a minimum.

At any rate, I’ll get on with the review! Enjoy, and my recommendation is that you get yourself some of these Vegas Santiago cigars and start enjoying them today.

Vegas de Santiago Torpedo “Cafe con Leche”

Length: 6 x 50

Country of Origin: Costa Rica

Wrapper: Costa Rican

Filler: Costa Rican Long Filler

Binder: Costa Rican

Cost: Samplers start at $9.00


Wrapper/Appearance: 2/2 – One small scuff, otherwise it was really nice. The wrapper was dark brown, and had no veins in it. The feel was silky, and heavy for this cigars sie.

Cap: 2/2. Even and well rounded, evidence of a very experienced craftsman/woman.

Band: 2/2. The band was even and well placed. It was a black and gold with embossed letters. Very eye pleasing.

Smell: 2/2. There was a light tobacco smell, and there were hints of grassiness that were evident. The scent also had a small aroma of coffee.

Prelight Draw/Lighting: 2/2. The draw was open and unobstructed. There were faint hints of tobacco and coffee. Very mild.


After all of the things that I noted when I was going through the pre-light ritual, I was really expecting this to be a great smoke. And actually, despite my prior disappointments with cigars, I could honestly say that I one hundred percent was not disappointed. There were tasting notes of coffee, with a creamy finish. The smoke had a very mild mouth feel. There was quite a nice taste of coffee in the tasting notes. There was a ton of rich smoke, with lots of thick dark gray ash. I’m usually an asher of cigars pretty prematurely, but this ash stayed nice and tight.


The opening of the second third of this cigar found me pleasantly surprised. It was still a very mild smoke. There were tasting notes of coffee, with a hint of chocolate and several whiffs of cedar. The tobacco continues to burn evenly producing lots of dark thick ash. Towards the end of this third, it transitioned into a very nice hint of spice. The predominant taste remained coffee however. Though, to my palate, I think I found it to be very pleasantly reminiscent of all-spice, with a hint of butteriness in there as well.


Smoking in the garage. At any rate, the cigar transitioned nicely into a spiced warm tasting. The title of the cigar is “Cafe con leche” and so far it was working on producing. This cigar continued to have a mild mouthfeel, and it continued to work on the tasting notes of coffee. It seemed here, though, that the cigar was packed loosely towards the top, because it started to burn really quite hot. It didn’t mess with the flavors too much, to be quite honest, as in some cases where the flavors char instead of melding together.


Wow. What a really nice cigar. I really enjoyed it, and for what I paid for it, it was totally worth it. Actually, normally I’m not a fan of mild/medium bodied cigars – but in fact, I think that this smoke is incredibly complex. The makers here have a great thing on their hands. This smoke was a great experience, it provided two hours of smoking comfort on a reasonably warm day in the middle of October. One of the things that I really enjoyed was that the cigar continued to remain mild and medium bodied throughout, one spice note did not ever overpower another note. It really tasted quite nicely. On to the recap!


Prelight: 10/10

Smoking Experience: 8/10

Overall Experience: 8/10

Total Score: 26/30. 


Well folks, it was good to spend some time with you again. I hope that you enjoy reading the review, and after all, it’s what it’s all about, just enjoying the moment. It’s been too long. Have a great week ladies and gentlemen.



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