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Ashton VSG Spellbound

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Ashton VSG Spellbound #1

Well what can I say….it once again has been awhile.  However this review is definitely a good one.  This cigar has been getting a lot of publicity and getting great reviews so I figured I try it out myself.

The Ashton brand has become, by far, one of the most well known, sought out cigar brands in the world.  Ashton cigars are offered in six different blends of cigar leaf and made at the Fuente factory.  Out of the six blends (Ashton Classic, Ashton Aged Maduro, Ashton Cabniet Selection, Ashton Virgin Sun Grown, Ashton Estate Sun Grown, and Ashton Heritage Puro Sol) the Spellbound bears the Virgin Sun Grown leaf.

The VSG Series cigars are blended exclusively by Carlos Fuente Jr. with 4 and 5 year old Dominican tobacco.   The wrapper leaf is grown in Ecuador by the Olivia family and sold to the Fuente family exclusively for Ashton VSG cigars.  The VSG Series comes in 11 different sizes for your smoking pleasure:

Eclipse – 6 x 52; Wizard 37 – 6 x 56; Enchantment – 4.5 x 60; Tres Mystique – 4.5 x 44; Belicoso No. 1 –  5.25 x 52; Corona Gorda – 5.75 x 46; Illusion – 6.5 x 44; Robusto – 5.5 x 50; Sorcerer – 7 x 49; Torpedo – 6.5 x 55; Spellbound – 7.5 x 54

For more information on Ashton Cigars you can visit their website at:

On to the review……

Ashton VSG Spellbound Attributes
Size: Double Corona
Length: 7 ½
Ring Gauge: 54
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Dom. Rep.
Filler: Dom. Rep.
Country: Dominican Republic
Price: $13.00 USD

Ashton VSG Spellbound Header

The Ashton VSG pre-light ritual was as good as it gets.  The cigar had a wonderful dark, rich looking wrapper.  The band was yellow, ravished in gold, with black lettering and red undertones.  Very appealing to the aficionado’s eye.  Cold draw showed signs of woody sweetness and the cigar lit up very easily.  This very large Ashton VSG Spellbound passed the pre-light test with a perfect score.  Great to see such high quality!
Pre-light Score:  10 pts.

Ashton VSG Spellbound #2

The first 1/3 of the cigar showed aromas of wood and spice with taste notes of roasted nuts.  The burn was a little uneven however the ash was a tower of wavy white glory.

Ashton VSG Spellbound #3

About half-way through my Ashton VSG Spellbound the roasted nut tasting notes were still present however heavily supported by woody cedar affluence.  The burn was still uneven and seemed to be working to fix itself.  I checked for soft spots before lighting up however did not feel any, so this uneven burn was kind of a mystery.  The Ashton Spellbound produced loads of thin white, velvety smoke.
Smoking Score:  8 pts.

Ashton VSG Spellbound #4

Just as I thought the burn did fix itself.  It never was perfectly straight however I didn’t have to use my torch to touch this monster stick up.  The ending aromas of the Ashton VSG Spellbound were floral and outdoors like.  Very refreshing and pleasing from start to finish.

Ashton VSG Spellbound #5

The Ashton VSG Spellbound was a very consistent, solid smoke offering everything I want and expect in a good cigar.   Even though this cigar may seem pricey in a bad economy it is certainly worth the money and time, taking me a little over two hours to smoke.  I will definitely be trying other cigars from the Virgin Sun Grown Line and maybe stock a few Spellbounds in my personal humidor.  Fantastic smoke!

Overall Experience:  8pts.

Ashton VSG Spellbound Rating:
Pre-light:                  10pts.
Smoking:                   8pts.
Overall Exp.:        8pts.
TOTAL:                      26pts.


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