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La Aroma de Cuba Churchill

La Aroma de Cuba Churchill La Aroma de Cuba Thumbnail

La Aroma de Cuba Churchill #1

This was my first La Aroma de Cuba cigar, and let me say it was interesting.  Before I begin the review here’s some information on the La Aroma de Cuba brand.

Manufactured by the Fuente family, La Aroma de Cuba is one of the six different brands that Ashton Cigar company blends.  Originating in 1985 by Robert Levin, a second generation tobacconist from Philly, the Ashton Cigar brand has become one of the most respected and sought after names in the business.  Making not only the Ashton and Ashton Virgin Sun Grown lines, the company also produces San Cristobal, La Aroma de Cuba, Sosa, Savoy and Benchmade Cigars.  The La Aroma de Cuba brand is known for its original Cuban artwork on the bands and boxes with extensive details and rich colors.  Also, La Aroma de Cuba, being a rebirth brand name, was said to be a favorite of the great Sir Winston Churchill.  You can find further information on the La Aroma de Cuba brand along with history of Ashton Cigars at:

On to the review……

La Aroma de Cuba Churchill Attributes
Size: Churchill
Length: 6 ¾
Ring Gauge: 48
Wrapper: Honduras
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras & Nicaragua
Country: Honduras
Price: $5.00 USD

The pre-light experience for the La Aroma de Cuba Churchill was PERFECT!  The wrapper was a gorgeous silky, chocolate brown that proved to be nice and firm.  Just like the research stated the band was nice and colorful, very detailed, depicting a woman.  The cap was neatly adhered and the scent of java/espresso was present in the smell.  The pre-light draw stayed true to the smell, loading my palate with sweet espresso.  This cigar was most definitely mouth watering before ever being lit.
Pre-light Score:  10 pts.

La Aroma de Cuba Churchill #2

From the very start the slightest draw produced a creamy white smoke, with an underlying aroma that was sweet and satisfying.  Great start for the La Aroma de Cuba Churchill.

La Aroma de Cuba Churchill #3

I noted tastes of citrus and orange peel on the first part of this cigar which is totally not what I expected however still refreshing.  This didn’t last long and the cigar turned toasty with a medium balance.  The burn line on the La Aroma de Cuba was wavy and inconsistent starting about 1/3 of the way through.  Let’s see if it can fix itself…..
Smoking Score:  8 pts.

La Aroma de Cuba Churchill #4

Half-way through the cigar exploded with nutty taste notes which were followed by a sensational mocha, chocolate sweetness, staying to the finish.  I eventually had to knock the ash off to correct the burn line.  Bummer.  It seemed the cigar fillers were burning at a much faster rate than the wrapper.  Next time I will consistently ash the cigar to see if the burn stays steady.

La Aroma de Cuba Churchill #5

The finish on the La Aroma de Cuba Churchill was a complex full bodied experience.  All in all it took me a little over 2 hours to smoke this mammoth stick however I believe I found my new go to golf cigar.  Two of these should make it 18 holes and bring some pleasure to my game cause we all know its not my long ball.  Stay posted for this months blind review and till next time, Cheers!
Overall Experience:  9pts.

La Aroma de Cuba Churchill Rating:
Pre-light:                  10pts.
Smoking:                 8pts.
Overall Exp.:       9pts.
TOTAL:                    27pts.


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