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AVO Classic No.2

AVO Uvezian Classic No. 2

I’ve been wanting to try this brand of cigar for a long time. Just like with any other brand I’m unfamiliar with, I try and research a little past and present history before purchasing and smoking a stick. Here’s what I found out about AVO Uvezian Cigars:

The AVO company was started by cigar luminary’s Hendrik Kelner & Avo Uvezian. They first met in 1982 and by 1988 the first AVO cigar was sold in New York City. With 100,000 cigars being produced in the first year, the brand took off. By the third year of production the number had risen to 750,000 a year. Today, three million cigars bearing the name AVO are enjoyed by aficionados all over the world.
Aside from producing cigars Avo Uvezian is a world renowned jazz pianist. He studied music in New York at the Julliard School of Music and served as a musician for the US Army during the Korean War (1953). Avo’s musical background has deep roots with his father being a composer and conductor of orchestral music and mother an extraordinary singer.

You can find more information in the Spring 2008 Edition of European Cigar Cult Journal and at

On to the review……

AVO Classic No.2 Attributes
Size: Corona Gorda
Length: 6”
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Dom. Rep. Ecuador Sungrown
Binder: Dom. Rep.
Filler: Dom. Rep.
Country: Dominican Republic
Price: $8.00 USD

The pre-light experience for the AVO Classic No.2 was very enjoyable for me. The wrapper had a very rough look. I found some glue marks, from where the band had been put on, at the top of the stick directly underneath the band (This was kind of displeasing to the eye). However the band was put on very straight and the cigar had a very satisfying aroma to it. The pre-light draw was tight however contained lots of flavor.
Pre-light Score: 8 pts.

The first part of the smoking experience showed the cigar to be very toasty and dry. The smoke was light and white with a nice aroma. I could tell from the first puff the cigar was going to be very mild.

Through out the smoking experience this cigar did not show much character like I had hoped. The burn was pretty even the entire time and the draw stayed tight till the end. The smoke did become more creamy near the finish and notes of dry wood could be detected at the end.
Smoking Score: 8 pts.

The finish on this cigar was strong however where the band had been put on with so much glue, making it very hard to remove, the cigar started to break apart. Maybe Avo Uvezian will disagree but the end of a great smoke should be like the end of a great musical performance with no wrong notes and as flawless as possible.
Overall Experience: 7pts.

AVO Classic No.2 Rating:
Pre-light:      8pts.
Smoking:      8pts.
Overall Exp.: 7pts.
TOTAL:           23pts.


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